World No Tobacco Day

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Quit for World No Tobacco Day, Stay Quit with Mondays

World No Tobacco Day on Friday, May 31st will spur many smokers to quit smoking not just for the day, but for good. Unfortunately this is easier said than done. Studies reveal that it may take as many as 30 attempts to quit before giving up smoking completely.

Quit & Stay Quit Monday encourages smokers to quit (or recommit to quitting) smoking using Mondays as a benchmark. We offer a free “Monday Quit Kit” that provides evidence-based resources for individuals and tobacco cessation professionals to help quitters stay quit one Monday at a time.

Free World No Tobacco Day Promotion Materials

In honor of this year’s World No Tobacco Day lung health theme, Quit & Stay Quit Monday has developed free promotional materials that encourage quitting for lung health – starting on Mondays. Please feel free to share the creative and social media posts with your audiences. You can download all assets here.


world no tobacco day infographic

Infographic Post 1: On Friday, May 31st, the World Health Organization will ask smokers worldwide to put down their cigarettes for World No Tobacco Day. But you can get a head-start by quitting on Monday! Join us in celebrating healthier lungs. #WNTD #QuitMonday, #NoTobacco @QuitMonday @WHO

Infographic Post 2: Join the World No Tobacco Day movement! Quit today and stay on track by checking-in with your quit every Monday. Your lungs will thank you! #WNTD #QuitMonday, #NoTobacco @QuitMonday @WHO

Lung Health Facts

Reduced Lung Infection Risk Post 1: World No Tobacco Day is coming up on May 31st – so start your quit at the beginning of this week. Your lungs will thank you, and within 9 months your risk of lung infections will decrease! #WNTD #QuitMonday, #NoTobacco @QuitMonday @WHO

Reduced Lung Infection Risk Post 2: It’s the big day! World No Tobacco Day is here. Put down cigarettes and check-in with your quit on Mondays. Within 9 months your risk of lung infections will decrease! #WNTD #QuitMonday, #NoTobacco @QuitMonday @WHO

World No Tobacco Day Lung Health 2

Improved Lung Endurance Post 1: May 31st is World No Tobacco Day! And that makes this Monday a perfect time to quit: within 1 month your lung endurance will improve! #WNTD #QuitMonday, #NoTobacco @QuitMonday @WHO

Improved Lung Endurance Post 2: Today is World No Tobacco Day! Make it your quit day and celebrate improved lung health, one Monday at a time. #WNTD #QuitMonday, #NoTobacco @QuitMonday @WHO

World No Tobacco Day Lung Health 1

Improved Energy Levels Post 1: Smokers all over the world will put down their cigarettes on May 31st in recognition of World No Tobacco Day. Start celebrating early by quitting this Monday – within 9 months you’ll enjoy increased energy levels! #WNTD #QuitMonday, #NoTobacco @QuitMonday @WHO

Improved Energy Levels Post 2: Have you heard? It’s World No Tobacco Day! Put yourself and your lungs first by quitting today. Re-commit to your quit on Mondays and within 9 months you’ll enjoy increased energy levels! #WNTD #QuitMonday, #NoTobacco @QuitMonday @WHO

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