Want to Save Money? Quit Smoking

Want to Save Money? Quit Smoking

Few things in life are free and cigarettes are definitely not one of them.

Smoking is the act of burning money. Literally.

A smoking habit is a costly habit. How costly? Well, let’s have a look at the money you save when you quit smoking.

Let’s call the price of cigarettes $10 a pack. In some states it’s more, in some it’s less, but $10 is a nice easy number to multiply by. Based on smoking one pack a day, here is a timeline of what you could be spending your money on instead of cigarettes:

1 Day: Ten dollars a pack times one day equals: $10.00 (we’re starting with the easy math first). If you gave up smoking, after just one day you could use your savings to pay for a streaming service. One full month of TV shows and movies for just one day of skipping smoking.

1 Week: Ten bucks, seven days: $70.00. That’s a dinner date for you and your beau. Or you and your friend. Or you and your mom. Thanks for everything, Mom.

1 Month: Ten times 30, (still easy math here, folks) that’s $300.00. Which is enough to get a bicycle, which is perfect since now that you are smoke free, your lungs are in better shape.

1 Year: Ten times 365 or $3650.00. That buys you and a loved one a nice vacation.

Use this Monday as a day to quit smoking and stay quit. If not for your body, then do it for your wallet.

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