Time to Spoil Yourself

Time to Spoil Yourself

One of the awesome benefits of giving up smoking cigarettes is the extra cash you save, which you can now spend elsewhere!

Figuring out what you will spend that extra money on can fuel you with motivation to stay smoke-free.

Start out by calculating how much you save by quitting smoking with this simple calculator.

Next, select where you will spend your new-found money. Check out this list for inspiration:

Plan a vacation. How about a trip to Key West, Florida? Find out the total cost of your vacation with Trip Advisor’s easy search functions.

Treat yourself to a massage. Or how about a pedicure? Use SpaFinder’s great directory to locate the perfect place to spoil yourself with something relaxing.

Donate and feel good about yourself. They say there’s no better feeling than giving back, so why not donate your extra money? Use Charity Navigator to find the right place to give.

Buy tickets to your favorite sporting event. Make the game you always wanted to attend. Check out SeatGeek for the best and cheapest seats.

Cook something delicious. Now that you’ve got some extra cash, you can splurge on delicious foods. Check out the Meatless Monday Comfort Food e-cookbook for some inspiration.

Finally, find out how long you need to put away money until you reach your reward. Remind yourself of the reward when the urge to smoke hits, so it can help stay on track.

Kicking the habit is not easy, so don’t feel guilty about spoiling yourself; you deserve it!

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