The Quit Line: Super Human Help, Just a Phone Call Away

The Quit Line: Super Human Help, Just a Phone Call Away

For the final installment of our series detailing how to assemble a “Super Team” to help you battle your smoking addiction, we will be adding the final team member: The Guru.

The Dynamic Duo had Alfred, Iron Man had J.A.R.V.I.S and you have your “Guru,” the person staffing the smoking cessation quit line. According to research, quit line counseling can more than double a smoker’s chances of quitting. More than double! Holy Mackerel Batman.

These 1-800 numbers can connect you with trained coaches who will support you in your quit. To find a help, check out your state’s help line and the National Cancer Institute. You’ll get free support, coping strategies, and information about resources close to home. Operators can also personalize your quit by developing coping skills for triggers and cravings and creating strategies for mental wellness.

Many smokers reach for their cigarettes in times of stress. Quit lines can offer different ways to handle the stress that can help you beat smoking cravings. So, this Monday, reach out to a counselor or medical professional to assist you with your quit. Your addiction won’t stand a chance.

Want a better chance of successfully giving up tobacco? Reach out to your Guru, they’ll inspire you to quit and stay quit for the long haul.  Best of all… they’re only a phone call away.

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