Take Advantage of Your Lungs

Take Advantage of Your Lungs

FACT: two weeks to three months after quitting, your lung function will begin to improve. And, between one and nine months after quitting, coughing and shortness of breath will stop. What’s more, after staying quit for ten years, your risk of lung cancer drops by 50%.

When you quit smoking, you really help your lungs.

With your improved lung function, you can take advantage of techniques that relax your mind and body, while helping you through your quit journey.

When cravings hit, try the 10 breaths trick:

Inhale, exhale 1
Inhale, exhale 2
Inhale, exhale 3
Inhale, exhale 4
Inhale, exhale 5
Keep going until…..10

Learn more about the benefits of quitting overtime, here.

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