Staying Smoke-Free

Set up Penalties for Motivation

Do You Like the Carrot or the Stick? Find Your Best Motivator to Quit Smoking. Companies have long been interested in keeping you healthy, happy, and productive - if only to improve efficiency and cut down on healthcare and insurance costs. Today some companies encourage people to quit by dangling “carrots,” or positive motivators in [...]

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Recover from a Relapse

Tips to Regain Your Positive Direction  For someone who has quit, a slip up is smoking a cigarette or two once in a while. But one cigarette can easily lead to picking up the habit again, thus becoming a relapse. Some people finish their quit completely in one attempt. But because it takes most people [...]

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Smokefree Success at Work

How to Carve Out a New Kind of Break So many hours of our days are spent a work, and stress on the job can make quitting smoking harder. Given concerns around secondhand smoke, many states have banned or severely restricted smoking in the workplace. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t stress-induced triggers that can [...]

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Believe You Are Smokefree

When you quit, commit to a smokefree life. Quitting smoking doesn’t only require a behavior change, it also requires a belief change. What we mean by that is you have to not only take action to quit smoking, you also have to truly believe that you are a non-smoker and permanently smokefree when you quit (which [...]

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Burn Calories, Not Ciggies: How Exercise Helps You Quit

Kick the butt by kicking butt through exercise. Being physically active is important for everyone, but it can be especially useful for people who have quit smoking. That’s because people who exercise are less likely to smoke than those who don’t. Here’s how exercise helps gives you a better shot at fighting nicotine addiction: Suppresses [...]

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