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Join the Monday Quitters Movement!

Quit smoking on Monday – it’s the perfect day to begin a smoke-free life. It seems Monday is the day people will most likely engage in healthy behaviors. So, why wait until a birthday, anniversary, or New Year’s to quit smoking when you have a Monday right around the corner?

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Stop-Smoking Affirmations to Help You Stay Quit

Positive Self-Talk That Boosts Your Resolve When a strong craving hits, it’s easy to lose sight of why you ever decided to quit. That’s why, when you’re right in the middle of giving up smoking, you need everything on your side — especially a positive mindset. Using stop-smoking affirmations is one of the best ways [...]

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Quit Smoking Apps

Put your smart phone to work with quit smoking apps. You already do everything with your smartphone; why not quit smoking with it too?! There are lots of quit smoking apps that provide a variety of resources to help you kick the habit for good. Most apps are designed to provide information, support, and motivation [...]

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Burn Calories, Not Ciggies: How Exercise Helps You Quit

Kick the butt by kicking butt through exercise. Being physically active is important for everyone, but it can be especially useful for people who have quit smoking. That’s because people who exercise are less likely to smoke than those who don’t. Here’s how exercise helps gives you a better shot at fighting nicotine addiction: Suppresses [...]

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Don’t Give Up After a Slip-Up

Avoid turning a slip-up into a relapse. Get back on track with your quit smoking attempt. While you should do all that you can to stay 100% smokefree after you quit smoking, there may come a time when the temptation to smoke is so overwhelming that you give in to a cigarette.  A slip-up can [...]

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