Quit Smoking Support

Need Some #MondayMotivation? Join a Running Club for Smokers Who Are Quitting!

There are two popular resolutions people make for themselves every New Year: quit smoking and get in shape. If you have decided to quit smoking, you’re already on your way to a healthier life. If you decide you also want to try getting in shape while you quit, exercise can be a great way to [...]

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Get Help to Pay for Your Quit

Health Insurance Plans that Work for You Health insurance plans really want you to quit smoking — not just for your health but for the rising costs of healthcare for smokers. Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many plans are willing to pay for your quit, especially for tobacco cessation products like nicotine gum, [...]

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Preparing for Your Quit Day

Our Super-Survival Kit for a No-Smoke Day Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to quit and are looking forward to your first day of not smoking. There are many ways to make your quit day as successful as possible, and the more you know about handling cravings and triggers, the better off you’ll be. Whatever you [...]

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Smokefree Success at Work

How to Carve Out a New Kind of Break So many hours of our days are spent a work, and stress on the job can make quitting smoking harder. Given concerns around secondhand smoke, many states have banned or severely restricted smoking in the workplace. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t stress-induced triggers that can [...]

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Quit Smoking Apps

Put your smart phone to work with quit smoking apps. You already do everything with your smartphone; why not quit smoking with it too?! There are lots of quit smoking apps that provide a variety of resources to help you kick the habit for good. Most apps are designed to provide information, support, and motivation [...]

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Celebrate Someone’s Smokefree Success

Show someone you’re proud of their smokefree success with some of these ideas. With cravings and withdrawal symptoms, you know that quitting is no easy feat. So if you know someone who has stayed smokefree, help them celebrate because every day without a cigarette is an achievement! Whether if it’s a friend, a family member, [...]

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Buddy-Up to Quit Smoking

Quitting cigarettes is no easy feat. You don’t have to do it alone, find a quit buddy! Why find a quit buddy? The support of friends and family will ease your path to quit smoking. Quit buddies will help you through tough stretches. Who will help me quit? Choose a friend, family member, or fellow [...]

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