Support a Quitter

Support a Quitter

Support a quitter and be the difference.

Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult, in fact, most individuals take 7-10 tries before they successfully quit the habit. A smoker’s attempt to quit is filled with ups and downs, good and bad days. Mood swings, cravings and smoking triggers often get in the way of quitting the habit for good, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Being there for someone who is trying to quit can make all the difference, especially during moments of doubt and temptation. Your support and encouragement can carry a smoker to a smokefree life.

Support a quitter with these tips:

Use the power of Monday. Monday is great for weekly check-ins with your quit-buddy. Catch up and evaluate how the past week went and make plans for how to stay on track. Slip up? Help them get back on track and find ways to avoid slipping again!

Be available and reliable. Be consistent in your support. Making sure you’re available to talk and be by their side regularly will mean they know where to turn when things get tough.

Listen and hear them out. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen. A quitter will have plenty of tough moments, and during those times it’s important to let them express their feelings.

Set up milestones and celebrate with them. Weekly or monthly milestones can help the smoker stay on track! Plan to celebrate milestones by going out to eat or buying small rewards, and guess what? You can use the money saved from quitting on the rewards.

Share strategies. Check out our tips for beating cravings and offer these strategies whenever needed.

Be patient and positive. Quitting smoking is not easy at all. It’s important to recognize how difficult it is to quit smoking and see things from the smoker’s perspective. Be patient and support them with positive affirmations when things get tough.

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