Quit Smoking Well After New Year’s with the New Monday Quit Kit!

Quit Smoking Well After New Year’s with the New Monday Quit Kit!

Congratulations! To start 2019, you’ve made the decision to quit smoking and stay quit. You’re in good company–millions of former smokers have successfully taken this journey before you. It’s a decision definitely worth celebrating.

To support quitters like you, Quit & Stay Quit Monday developed the Monday Quit Kit.” The kit provides evidence-based resources that can help you stay on track over the long haul.

Here is the plan: After quitting smoking on New Year’s Day, use every Monday as a weekly cue to recommit to your quit, celebrate progress, and quit again if you relapse. Quit & Stay Quit Monday will support you with weekly tips and tools that leverage the Monday Approach.

Here are five terrific reasons why using Monday can help you strengthen your resolve to quit and stay quit this year:

  1. Monday is the Day! Research shows that healthy thinking is synchronized to the week. It signals a fresh start to hit the reset button and start over.
  2. It’s an Opportunity to Make a Plan and Stick with It.  Mondays can function as a designated time to plan out your week and set goals. You can think ahead about what triggers you might encounter and ways to distract yourself from cravings.
  3. Regular Connection with Your Support System. Use Monday to check-in with a supportive friend, family member, quit buddy, or cessation counselor to kick-start your week. It’s also a great time to talk about how things are going and plan your next smoke-free goal or milestone.
  4. Weekly Check-In.  Use the Monday Quit Check-In handout every Monday to review your progress and plan for the week. You could also do this activity with your support system.
  5. If you Slip Up, You Have 52 Mondays to Recommit. With 52 Mondays in a year, you don’t have to wait until January 1st to quit again if you slip up, just try again the next Monday! This can be a valuable tool as quitting smoking often takes several attempts.

Quit smoking on New Year’s Day, then use every Monday to take back your health and strengthen your quit journey. You’ll be in good company with the Monday Quitter community. Find us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, or Instagram!

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