Stay Quit This Monday, Even if Your Family or Friends Smoke

Stay Quit This Monday, Even if Your Family or Friends Smoke

You and cigarettes broke up! Develop a plan on Monday for those moments you spend with family, friends, or roommates who continue to smoke. It’s time to re-define your relationship with smokers.

If you come into contact with cigarettes and smoke, all your senses may be activated, causing cravings. It’s important to plan ahead instead.

Avoid smokers! At least for the first few weeks of your quit, stay away from cigarettes and smokers. If you can’t avoid smokers, ask them to smoke out of your view, or vicinity, and to be discreet about lighters, packs, and ashtrays.

No, thanks. I quit! Ask the smokers in your life not to offer you a cigarette. Set some boundaries by creating a smoke-free zone in your home and let any visitors know before coming in.

Got gum? You may need to have something for your hands and mouth to do. Try squeezing a No Smoking stress ball and carrying sugar-free gum, candies, or mints to distract you.

Why are you quitting? In the first few weeks, make it a habit to carry inspiring reminders of why you quit, like images, notes, or a journal, or try reading encouraging text messages on your phone.

Walk away. If cravings come over you, go into a smoke-free room, step outside, go for a walk, a drive, or visit a non-smoking friend. Cravings only last about ten minutes, remind yourself of this fact until it passes.

If you spend this Monday with smokers, remind yourself (and them) that Monday is an opportunity to refresh your commitment to quit and stay quit.

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