Start a Quit Journal

Start a Quit Journal

Use a Quit Journal to keep track of your quit.

When you quit smoking, the more you’re aware of your personal triggers and cravings, the more successful you’ll be. By creating a Quit Journal, you can keep track of the times you feel like smoking and the strategies that helped you stay smokefree. Even if you gave into a craving, record the episode; it will help you reflect on how to do better next time.

To get started, grab a notebook of your own and write down your triggers/cravings each time they occur. You can also download and print our Quit Journal. Try to track your cravings for at least a week when you quit.

We’ve included below some sample entries to give you a few ideas on how you can record your quit journey.

Today’s Date April 22nd
Date of Last Smoke April 21st
Time of Day 7 a.m.
Situation First time having my morning coffee without a cigarette and starting to get a headache, which I think is a withdrawal symptom.
Craving Level (1 to 10) 8
Feelings Want a cigarette to stop my headache, but also don’t want to give up on quitting.
Counteraction Taken Took a brief walk outside to clear my head and then took a long, hot shower. Felt a lot better afterwards and craved a cigarette a lot less.


Today’s Date April 22nd
Date of Last Smoke April 21st
Time of Day 7 p.m.
Situation On third date with Jane, getting dinner at an Italian restaurant. Afterwards, she wants to smoke outside and asks if I want a cigarette.
Craving Level (1 to 10) 7
Feelings Torn. I want a cigarette, but know I shouldn’t have it. I also want to please her and not make her feel uncomfortable.
Counteraction Taken I told her I just quit and she understood. She decided to smoke when she got home, and I popped a mint in my mouth.


Today’s Date April 23rd
Date of Last Smoke April 21st
Time of Day 2 a.m.
Craving Level (1 to 10) 9
Situation Feeling stressed and can’t sleep
Feelings Angry I can’t sleep, worried about work.
Counteraction Taken Put on calming, relaxing music that helped me fall asleep.


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