Gear Up for the New Season — Recommit to Your Quit Plan This Monday

Gear Up for the New Season — Recommit to Your Quit Plan This Monday

Spring training kicks off this week! Even if you’re not a baseball fan, it’s a great time to get ready for a new season. For people who are quitting smoking, it’s the perfect opportunity to see what parts of your quit plan are working and what could use a refresh. This Monday, get in gear and recommit to your quit!

Even though spring is still a month away, it’s easy to look forward the warmer, breezier season ahead. For now, spend some time examining the present and where your quit plan has taken you. Maybe there are some aspects of your quit that could use some fine-tuning. If you’ve been successful in adopting some healthier habits, take them to the next level. Have you been managing your cravings in a healthy way? Is the time you used to spend for smoking cigarettes being put to better use? These are some questions you can ask yourself if you feel that your quit plan has hit a plateau – or a rut.

If you have hit a rough patch, that’s okay! Quitting smoking may take several attempts before you are completely smoke-free. By stepping back to assess your plan, you can learn the best way to move forward. For many people, finding a quit plan that works requires a bit of experimenting before finding the best way to get rid of cigarettes for good. And while different methods and tricks might work for different people, asking other people who are trying to quit can still be a great source of support. You may even hear a few new ideas that you can try as part of your plan.

Baseball players head into spring training refreshed and ready for a new season on the field. This Monday, refresh your quit plan before starting your new smoke-free week – and your own new season!

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