Smoking’s Effects on Your Body

Smoking’s Effects on Your Body

TAKE BACK YOUR GLOW: The Beautiful Reasons to Quit & Stay Quit

The 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes affect every cell in your body. From your skin to your teeth to your nails and hair, smoking’s effects can leave you looking a lot older than you are. There’s even a term called Smoker’s Face, which describes certain facial characteristics brought on by smoking. But the good news is there’s still time to reverse that trend.

Here’s how quitting smoking can help you regain your outer beauty:

  • Dewier Complexion. You know that pale pallor and uneven, ruddy coloring some smokers get? It’s because cigarette smoke contains both carbon monoxide, which chronically deprives the skin of oxygen and nicotine, which reduces blood flow. Smoking also reduces levels of Vitamin C, essential for skin repair. But the minute you quit and stay quit, your blood flow will improve and your rosy glow will return.
    Sexier Mouth. Smoking delivers a one-two punch to the area around your mouth. First, constantly puckering causes dynamic wrinkles around your lips. Second, the loss of elasticity adds to the depth of lines. Reverse that Wicked Witch of the West look by quitting early and using moisturizers.
  • Perkier Breasts. The chemicals in tobacco smoke don’t just cause facial wrinkles. They break down elastin and collagen all over your body, causing even breasts and upper arms to sag. But don’t fret! You can reverse this sad downward slope by quitting early and starting a daily toning practice.
  • Whiter Teeth. Yellow stains on teeth from nicotine are the biggest giveaway of a smoker. People who smoke also tend to develop gum disease and are twice as likely to lose teeth as nonsmokers. Reclaim your choppers by quitting and starting on a good oral hygiene program immediately. Choose brightening toothpastes or visit your dentist for professional whitening treatments.
  • Sweeter Breath. It’s usually other people who notice a smoker’s breath first, but you might be noticing a consistent sour taste in your mouth. Not to mention, bad breath can come from rotting teeth brought on by smoking. Once you stop worsening the condition with each smoke, you can refresh your breath with daily brushing and mouthwash.
  • Prettier Nails. A telltale sign of smoking: yellow nicotine stains on hands, fingers, and nails. After you quit, you’ll be able to vividly see the line between your old stained nail and the new unstained nail. Eventually, if you stay quit, those stains will disappear. Home remedies like lemon juice, diluted bleach solutions, and scrubbing with steel wool can also help.
  • Healthier Hair. Experts think the toxic chemicals in smoke damage the DNA in hair follicles and generate cell-damaging free radicals as well. The end result? Smokers go balder and grayer faster than nonsmokers. But once you quit, your hair will look shinier and lose that ashtray odor!
  • Cleaner Clothes. Smoke odor doesn’t just settle in your hair. Other people can immediately smell it on your clothes the moment you walk in. Once you quit, you can invest the money you save on dry cleaning into buying new outfits.
  • Stronger Body. Fighting a body-wasting disease when you could be hiking, swimming, or shooting hoops is just a drag. Most lung cancers are thought to be caused by smoking, and studies have linked breast cancer to smoking and secondhand smoke exposure. Poisons in cigarette smoke can damage and mutate cells, creating tumors; they also weaken the immune system, making it harder to recover.

Reclaim your strong, healthy body by quitting to reverse smoking’s effects on your body!

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