Smoking Worse Than First Thought

Smoking Worse Than First Thought

Think smoking is bad for your health? It’s even worse than you thought.

The New York Times reports that a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that in addition to the well-known health problems associated with smoking (lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, etc.), there are five new diseases that are attributed to smoking, which add 60,000 more smoking-related deaths per year in the United States.

The new health dangers include, kidney disease, intestinal disease, risks of infection, and more heart and lung ailments that were not previously attributed to tobacco.

The sooner your quit smoking, the sooner you can start reducing your risk of so many health problems.

For help getting started or sustaining your quit, check out how to Plan Your Week and or Beat Cravings. For immediate help, contact a Quit Counselor.

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