Eat Healthy During Your Quit and You Won’t Gain Weight!

Eat Healthy During Your Quit and You Won’t Gain Weight!

One of the most common worries of people who are getting ready to quit smoking is that they’ll gain weight after they quit. Many smokers believe that they’ll replace cigarettes with food, or that cigarettes deterred their appetites. This Monday, consider this myth busted. While you may gain a little bit of weight when you quit smoking, there are plenty of ways to keep those pounds at bay and stick to a smoke-free lifestyle!

Studies show that it’s normal for people to gain about a few pounds after they quit smoking. But before you worry about replacing your wardrobe, think about the healthy things you can do instead of smoking that can actually help you maintain your weight. Eating healthy snacks like nuts and raw vegetables can help you through a cigarette craving without packing on extra sugar or excessive calories. If you want to avoid too much snacking, opt for gum instead. Drinking lots of water can also curb a craving with no damage to your diet. Keep a reusable water bottle handy that you can sip from throughout the day.

Another great way to distract yourself while you quit smoking is exercise, which can also help you keep your weight down while reducing stress and keeping your metabolism up. Taking a few short walks during the day can add up to a lot – including a slimmer waistline. If you have a quit buddy, ask them to work out with you! Having a workout buddy can not only keep you accountable, they can give you the support you need (and a good conversation).

When choosing an exercise, make sure you choose something fun that you’ll want to keep doing! Using exercise to curb cravings while you quit smoking can yield so many benefits while accomplishing many goals. And the less you smoke, the more able you’ll be to achieve those goals.

You don’t have to make possible weight gain a reason not to quit smoking. This Monday, set yourself up with a healthy diet and fitness routine as you take the next step in your quit journey. You’ll keep your weight in check and feel better every day!

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