Smoking Triggers Are Beatable

Smoking Triggers Are Beatable

Smoking triggers are beatable, and key to staying smoke-free

Smoking triggers are things, times or activities that make us want to smoke cigarettes. They are cues you’ve become accustomed to that tell your brain it’s time to smoke.

You’ve got your set routines; you smoke after a meal, you like your coffee with a cigarette and alcohol can’t be enjoyed without a few, or many, puffs. These cues to smoke have become habitual and part of every day life. But smoking triggers can be broken with a little bit of planning and will power. To eliminate triggers, you’ve got to form new habits instead.

Do you know what your smoking triggers are?

The first step is to identify your smoking triggers. They can include specific times of the day, like when you wake up, activities like eating or simple routines in your every day life that make you want to smoke. Write down all the smoking triggers you can think of and leave some room to write down strategies to beat them.

Smoking triggers can be broken and beaten. The trick is to substitute the smoking after a trigger with a new routine.

Let these example serve as ideas for how you can change your routines:

  • Instead of smoking after dinner go for a walk or call a friend.
  • When you drink alcohol have gum readily available to chew on instead of smoking.
  • Chew on a toothpick during your morning coffee that used to call for a cigarette.
    If you’re able to change these routines your body will eventually associate the smoking trigger with your newly formed habit instead.

    And remember, every time you fight off a smoking trigger it will return weakened.

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