Smokefree Vacation

Smokefree Vacation

Plan ahead for a smokefree vacation.

As the season of sweater weather and hibernation begins, many people will be escaping the wintertime blues by going on vacation. But often when people travel, they indulge themselves because they’re on that “vacation mindset.” That can include a cigarette or two (or many) even if they’ve quit smoking.

If you’re deciding on where to go for your next adventure, don’t just consider the attractions or the delicious eats. Make a smokefree vacation a priority and plan ahead to avoid slip-ups. It’ll make your quit attempt go a lot easier and smoother.

Here are five tips for planning a smokefree vacation:

  1. Choose a smokefree destination.

Many places around the world are smokefree, which means they do not allow smoking or the use of tobacco in enclosed public areas or workplaces like bars, restaurants, or clubs. Countries such as Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Bermuda, Sweden, and Bhutan are smokefree, as well as cities like New York, Buenos Aires, and London. In fact, nearly 100 nations have enacted some sort of 100% smokefree law. Click here for a list from American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation for smokefree and non-smokefree countries and cities.

  1. Book a smokefree hotel or cruise.

Many hotel chains (e.g. Marriott, Westin, Comfort Inn) in certain countries and cruise lines (e.g. Norwegian and Alaskan Cruises) have gone smokefree because it plays a major factor in guest satisfaction. While there are still others that have not gone 100% smokefree indoors, more and more hotels and cruise ships are offering smokefree rooms or floors to accommodate guests. However, 100% smokefree accomodations will help you completely avoid secondhand smoke, which can travel through vents.

  1. Visit restaurants, bars, and attractions that are smokefree.

We know that there are must-see places on your list, but when you have the flexibility, go to spots that do not allow smoking. If you have limited to no options, sit towards the back of the location and away from smoking areas.

  1. Request a smokefree car.

Many rental agencies have cars where smoking is not permitted in. Renting these will help you avoid exposure to secondhand and thirdhand smoke.

  1. Anticipate triggers.

Refer back to your quit plan and some of the strategies you came up with to deal with smoking triggers. Think about additional triggers that may occur while you are on vacation and decide if there are other strategies that may be helpful. For example, enlist your travel partner to act as your quit buddy or bring something to distract yourself during a bad craving.

Planning for a smokefree vacation may involve more research and time, but you’ll be thankful you did it when you come home well-rested, invigorated, and still a nonsmoker.

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