Going Smokefree on Vacation

Going Smokefree on Vacation

Plan to quit cigarettes and go smokefree on vacation? Here are some things to consider.

Now that summer is in full swing, some people are using their upcoming vacation as a chance to quit smoking. But is quitting during your vacation the best strategy?

The answer depends on a lot of factors, such as how your past quit attempts went, what your withdrawal symptoms and smoking habits are, and what the smoking conditions will be like on your trip. For some people, quitting cigarettes and going smokefree on vacation can turn out to be very successful because they remove themselves from the conditions and routines that make them want to pull out a cigarette. For others, it can be harder to quit while on vacation because their smoking triggers, like alcoholic drinks, are much more prevalent. To help you decide whether or not to quit smoking during your vacation, answer the following questions:

  • If you’ve quit smoking in the past, what were your withdrawal symptoms like?

Vacations should be a time for you to have fun and renew yourself, but if you get bad withdrawal symptoms then that can take a lot out of you. And no one wants a cranky traveler accompanying them! Think about how your body felt when you’ve quit smoking in the past. And don’t forget, there are a variety of medications to help ease your symptoms, if needed.

  • If stress causes you to smoke, which place will cause you more stress?

If work stresses you out and acts as a smoking trigger, then quitting smoking while on your trip (where you have less stress-related smoking triggers) could help you stay quit. Think about the conditions you’ll be in at home and on vacation and consider the option that will make your quit easier and more successful.

  • What do you plan to do on your vacation?

When you travel, do you go out to bars often? Take long coffee breaks? Travel with friends that smoke? Many of these things can act as smoking triggers and make going smokefree on vacation harder than if done at home. Or are you visiting a place with great smokefree policies or spending time with non-smoking friends/family who can support you during your quit?

By considering what will be most helpful in your quit, you can determine whether going smokefree on vacation or at home will set you up for success. Regardless of which you decide to do, make sure you create a quit plan.

Lastly, if you’ve quit smoking before your trip, make sure you stay successful at being smokefree on vacation by avoiding triggers, staying busy, visiting smokefree establishments, and not giving into the “Why not just one? I’m on vacation!” mentality. However, should you find yourself slipping up, don’t let that throw you off track. Forgive yourself and get back to going smokefree!

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