Smokefree Success at Work

Smokefree Success at Work

How to Carve Out a New Kind of Break

So many hours of our days are spent a work, and stress on the job can make quitting smoking harder. Given concerns around secondhand smoke, many states have banned or severely restricted smoking in the workplace. That doesn’t mean there still aren’t stress-induced triggers that can trip you up in your office.

Instead of using that proverbial coffee break to smoke, here are some tips to keep your quit on track while at work and stay smokefree:

  • Find a quit buddy. Quitting loves nothing better than company. Find a colleague who wants to quit too and quit together. Then help each other out when cravings come up by offering support and distractions. Talking out the need to smoke with someone who really understands what you’re going through can never be underestimated.
  • Tell others you’re quitting. If you feel comfortable, let other people know you’re quitting. That way they can check in with you and offer encouragement. Then announce your smokefree anniversaries with pride. Who knows? Maybe someone will throw you a party.
  • Use your computer to quit. Change your desktop to feature a screensaver with words of encouragement or download the American Cancer Society’s Smokeout Clock and get practical support tips. Or explore smoking apps, which offer a range of aid from daily inspiration and emotional support to instructional programs detailing what is happening in your body as you stop smoking.
  • Create pockets of relief. Stress at work can be a momentary explosion or build up gradually like a slow cooker. Counteract those patterns by penciling in a few moments of downtime with activities like deep breathing, coloring, or meditating.
  • Work those muscles. Exercise not only distracts you from cravings, it also eases withdrawal symptoms. Get a colleague or two to join you in some chair yoga, wall squats, or even a brisk walk outside!

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