Don’t Be Scared (of Cravings) This Monday

Don’t Be Scared (of Cravings) This Monday

One thing that spooks former smokers the most is the anticipation of nicotine cravings. Unlike ghosts, cravings are very real and you can power through them to have another smoke-free day. This Monday, face your fears and confront your cravings!

When you quit nicotine, it is likely that you will feel withdrawal symptoms. When you quit smoking, your body starts to recover from the damage caused by cigarettes but it still expects nicotine. Unless you choose nicotine replacement therapy – which is a perfectly suitable method of quitting smoking that might even be covered by your insurance – you are denying your body the steady dose nicotine to which it’s become accustomed. However, these cravings can be beaten with a little willpower.

One thing you can do to get through cravings is arm yourself with facts. Remind yourself that cravings will only last about 10 minutes. During that time, line up ways to distract yourself. You can even take things to the next level by making them healthy, productive activities. Have a healthy snack like fruit or vegetables. Take a walk to get some fresh air. Take some time to stretch if you’ve been sitting. Make up a “craving playlist” to plug into when you feel a craving approach. Get in touch with a friend who can make you laugh. If you feel like you need some professional advice, call a counselor.

Nicotine cravings might be difficult, but you don’t have to live in dread of the next one. A great way to power through a craving is to remember that you’ve already gotten this far in your quit journey and you have the strength to go even further. When you think of the progress you’ve made towards a healthier lifestyle, go back to the reasons why you decided to quit smoking in the first place. That’s how you can think of the big picture instead of dwelling on the smaller details.

If you can keep this Monday smoke-free, you can power through tomorrow. By next Monday, your past life as a smoker is even further away!

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