Reward Yourself for a Successful Quit!

Reward Yourself for a Successful Quit!

Don’t forget to celebrate your quit success with a reward!

As we close in on the end of the year, it’s good to take some time to reflect on your quit and reward yourself! Not only does it feel good to celebrate your achievements, no matter how long you’ve been smokefree, but rewards also help you stay quit by giving you some extra motivation along the way. So this holiday season, don’t forget to buy some gifts for yourself.

Need some ideas for rewards? Here are a few to get you going!

  • Buy some funky household items to replace where your ashtray once lived.
  • Take your family on an excursion. After all, they did have to bear with you during that time you were extra moody from nicotine withdrawal.
  • Did quitting help you jump start your “healthier you” mentality? Try buying some exercise or dance classes to keep that momentum going.
  • Take advantage of your improved sense of smell and taste with a fancy meal at the restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to or buy some shiny new kitchen equipment to make your own delectable creations.
  • Pick up a new outfit, like that new suit or leather boots you’ve been eyeing.
  • Take singing lessons or learn a musical instrument. You’ll be able to hold notes a lot longer with your increased lung function.
  • Make yourself feel good by making someone else happy. Buy something nice for someone who provided you with a lot of support during your quit.
  • Pamper yourself with a massage, facial, or a manicure (it’s ok for guys to get them too!).
  • Get some new furniture to replace the ones with cigarette burns or that smoke smell that just won’t go away.

Whatever reward you choose, don’t forget the greatest reward you’ve already given yourself for quitting smoking, and that’s a healthier life!

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