Be Thankful You’re Quitting and Put It in Writing!

Be Thankful You’re Quitting and Put It in Writing!

Sometimes quitting smoking feels like a state of mind, and a frustrating one at that. If you feel like your path to quitting smoking needs a way to feel tangible, grab a pen and paper! Writing down the reasons you’re quitting is a great way to get your feelings out of your head and in front of your eyes, providing a daily reminder of your progress and goals. This Monday, be thankful you’re quitting and write down all the reasons why!

Writing down the way you feel about quitting smoking may serve a couple of purposes. Handwriting, rather than typing on your computer or device, can be a great distraction that keeps your hands busy. Many smokers who are quitting find that they need something to do with their hands once holding a cigarette is no longer an option. Grabbing a pen and paper, even to doodle or draw, can be one of your activities for getting through a craving.

Another great reason to write down why you’re glad you’re quitting is to distract your mind. Writing will get your brain thinking about why you’re quitting: better health, saving money, more free time, not smoking in the cold, having an extra hand free while walking the dog, etc. Take the time to jot it all down, making an official record of how you’re feeling about your quit journey. Even if you’re having a bad day, writing can help relieve some stress and get you ready to finish the day strong. You can even write down motivational phrases for yourself: “Be strong!” “You’ve got this!” “Stay quit!” “Get through the day!” If you could be your own coach, what would you tell yourself?

In the end, you’ll have a document to look at whenever you need an affirmation. Hang it in a prominent place so you’ll be sure to see it often. Make a copy to keep at work or in your pocket. Put this on your to-do list this Monday and then use it as a tool to get through the week. Next Monday, you’ll see exactly how far you’ve come!

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