After You Quit Smoking

After You Quit Smoking

You quit smoking…now what?

Now that you don’t need cigarettes, what healthy things can you do to replace smoking? Here are our favorite ideas for what to do when the urge to smoke strikes.

First thing in the morning…
• Eat a healthy breakfast, even if you’re in a rush. Grab a piece of fruit.
• If you shower at night, try showering in the morning to help relax during the craving.

During a work break…
• Change up where you take your break – try somewhere new.
• Ask a non-smoking friend to join you on a short walk for some fresh air.

When you finish dinner…
• Go for a short walk after your meal.
• Brush your teeth and enjoy the fresh feeling in your mouth.

And if you slip up and smoke a cigarette, you can always start fresh on Monday!

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