Quit Smoking with Someone You Love on Monday

Quit Smoking with Someone You Love on Monday

Valentine’s Day is this week and it has many couples looking for the most romantic ways to show their loved ones how important and appreciated they are. If you’ve been quitting smoking and have a devoted significant other, consider asking them to become your quit buddy this Monday. It’s not only easier to quit with a partner, but it’s a great way to show your partner how much you value their support!

While it may not seem like the most romantic request, bringing your significant other (or any loved one) into your quit journey has many advantages. One study said that 80 percent of smokers cited support from family and friends as “very important.” Couples can make great teams and help each other weather a variety of storms both big and small. Enlisting your partner to help you quit smoking means that someone is there to keep you accountable and motivated while lending a helping hand. You don’t have to quit all by yourself, and having a great partner will be an advantage.

The best way to make this partnership successful is to be open and honest with your significant other. If you need to vent, they will listen to you. They’ll also get a clearer picture of what you’re dealing with during your quit. If you’re having a craving, they can help you distract yourself with a walk, phone call, or healthy snack. And once you’ve both gotten through that craving, you can both celebrate a victory! Your partner can also help you change your routine to avoid your triggers so you aren’t tempted to smoke. Instead, you can look forward to a new activity with someone you love. Changing routines can be challenging, but a devoted partner who is willing to change with you can ease the transition.

Some couples may be thinking about gifts or taking their relationships to a new level this Valentine’s Day. But this Monday, before asking your partner to be your Valentine, ask them to be your quit buddy. After all, you don’t only quit for yourself – you quit for the people you love!

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