While You’re Quitting, Remember That No One Is Perfect

While You’re Quitting, Remember That No One Is Perfect

People who make the big step to quit smoking know they’re up for a challenge. There is no right or wrong way to quit smoking and it may take some trial and error before finding the best method. However, no matter how many attempts are made, it’s important to remember to keep your eye on the prize. When you take the next step in your quit journey on Monday, keep an open mind and keep moving forward.

When you decided to quit smoking, you became one of many people who have chosen to kick cigarettes to the curb. People who quit smoking come from all walks of life, all the way up to the Oval Office. Even presidents can hit snags in their quit before they are finally smoke-free! Let that fact take off some of the pressure of quitting smoking. You wouldn’t be the only one to find that there are some bumps in the road to success.

One way to manage quitting smoking is to reframe how you think about your relapses or rough patches. For starters, remind yourself that one slip-up doesn’t mean the end of your path to quitting. Most smokers make multiple attempts to quit smoking before quitting for good. You can stay a few steps ahead of your next bump in the road by taking note of what worked and what didn’t work. If healthy snacks didn’t stave off a craving, maybe a walk outside will. Maybe instead of relaxing after a stressful day, work out for 30 minutes. Don’t worry about what happened the last time you slipped up – try something new to help you avoid the next time.

Another great way to get through a rough patch is to talk to someone. Keep a friend or quit buddy on stand-by to call whenever you need them. You can also call 1-800-QUITNOW to speak with a counselor who can give you guidance. Just remember that your journey to quitting smoking for good might take multiple tries. Use this Monday and every Monday to recommit to your quit!

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