Quit Smoking on Monday!

Quit Smoking on Monday!

Quit smoking on Monday – it’s the perfect day to begin a smoke-free life.

Research proves that healthy thinking is synchronized to the week, with Monday being the day people are most likely to engage in healthy behaviors.

In fact, 58% of people view Monday as the perfect opportunity to take on a healthy habit. The new week can signal a fresh start; a chance to hit the reset button and start over.

Mondays can also function as a weekly reminder to check-in with your quitting-smoking journey, or if you slip up, try quitting again. It’s a a valuable tool for smokers as quitting smoking often takes 7-10 attempts to successfully accomplish.

So, why wait until your birthday, anniversary or New Year’s when you have a Monday right around the corner? Quit Monday and enjoy all the benefits of a smoke-free life!

IF you decide to quit smoking on Monday, we’ve got your back! Come talk to us on Twitter for support and tips.

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