Quit, Recommit, Repeat – Make Every Monday Groundhog Day

Quit, Recommit, Repeat – Make Every Monday Groundhog Day

In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors is forced to relive the same day until he learns to be a better man. It’s a fable about getting more than one chance to get things right. When you think about your plan to quit smoking this Monday, remember that every attempt to quit counts, even if it takes a few tries to quit and stay quit.

While the movie Groundhog Day is about Phil’s journey toward being better to other people, you can apply the same lessons to yourself. Wanting to quit smoking is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and the people in your life would agree! Quitting smoking is a very worthy personal undertaking. With some willpower and support, you can stay quit for good.

Remember that the average smoker may relapse seven to 10 times before quitting. If you do slip up, don’t beat yourself up. Treat this Monday – and every Monday following a relapse – like Groundhog Day. Use the day to resolve to quit again and recommit to your plan. If you think part of your plan didn’t work, switch it with something else. Maybe you need to take a walk outside instead of around the office. If you gave into a craving, line up a different distraction, like a healthy snack or a glass of water. Just remember that just like Phil, you get another chance until you get it right.

One of the most important lessons in Groundhog Day is to be grateful for what you have right in front of you. Phil eventually learns that being a sourpuss is no way to get to the day after February 2. Stay positive while you’re quitting and remember that you’re doing something great for yourself. You’re on your way to a healthier life, a fatter wallet, and more free time! You can also be grateful for small signs of progress. If you went one day without a cigarette, that’s an accomplishment. If you smoked less over the course of a week, that’s also a step in the right direction.

Think of one thing Phil did in Groundhog Day once he decided to pursue a more positive outlook: piano lessons. Every lesson he took, he made more and more progress. By the end of the movie, he was performing in front of a crowd and impressing the woman he loved. Once you reach the end of your journey, you’ll be smoke-free. That’s a journey worth taking!

This Monday can be just like Groundhog Day for you. Then every following Monday, start fresh with your quit plan until you finally quit and stay quit.

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