Give Quitting Another Try This Monday for Another Step Closer to Victory

Give Quitting Another Try This Monday for Another Step Closer to Victory

Everyone who quits smoking has their own unique experience. While there are many tips and tricks for a successful quit, different methods work for different people. As you go through your quit journey this Monday, keep in mind that quitting is a work in progress and that every attempt counts.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” If there was ever a slogan that applied to quitting smoking, it’s that one. Some people may be able to quit cold turkey and never have a cigarette again, but many people weather several attempts before quitting for good. If you are one of the people who find themselves “trying again” multiple times, you are in good company!

Studies now reveal that it may take as many as 30 attempts to quit smoking before giving up cigarettes completely. Nicotine addiction is a very real physical addiction, and it may take your body a while before cravings stop. But rest assured – this is a very normal part of a typical quit journey (keeping in mind that most quit journeys are not actually “typical”). If you can prepare yourself for multiple attempts, you can be more ready to manage your symptoms, accept slip-ups, and make progress as you quit.

Keep reminding yourself that you can still make progress if you relapse. Consider how much time passed between cigarettes. Maybe you went longer than you did before – you can definitely consider that a success! So now you try again. This time, you’ll be armed with the wisdom of your own experience of what worked during your cravings and triggers and what didn’t. The next time you hit a rough patch, you’ll have a better idea for how to get through it. The next time you want a cigarette you’ll be even more prepared to reach for something else.

The only way a relapse can derail your quit is if you stop trying to quit altogether. This Monday, recommit to your quit if you relapsed. Even if you haven’t relapsed, use this Monday to start the week fresh and stay quit!

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