Quit, Recommit, Repeat

Quit, Recommit, Repeat

Happy first day of the week! Every Monday is a new chance to quit and stay quit.

When you think about your plan to quit smoking this Monday, honor the fact that every attempt to quit counts, even if it takes a few tries to quit and stay quit. Remember that the average smoker may relapse several times before quitting. If you do slip up, resist the urge to beat yourself up.

Use this Monday to resolve to quit again and recommit to your plan. If you think part of your plan didn’t work, switch it with something else. Maybe you need to take a walk outside instead of around the office. Every Monday is a new chance to get it right. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Stay positive while you’re quitting and remember that you’re doing something great for yourself.
  • Remember: You’re on your way to a healthier life, a fatter wallet, and more free time!
  • Be grateful for small signs of progress. If you went one day without a cigarette, that’s an accomplishment. If you smoked less over the course of a week, that’s also a step in the right direction.

Monday is a great opportunity to start fresh with your quit plan until you finally quit and stay quit. You can do this!

Quit and Stay Quit Monday is a smoking cessation program that can be used by individuals, quit smoking programs, and smoking cessation counselors to help smokers quit smoking, re-quit smoking, or recommit to quitting smoking. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for updates and motivation.

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