Set a Quit Date for Success

Set a Quit Date for Success

Even better, choose a Monday for your quit date.

When you make the decision to quit smoking, you’ll need to set a quit date for when you plan to go completely smokefree by. Defining a specific date affirms your commitment to get healthy, sets a goal for yourself to work towards, and jump-starts the motivation you need to quit.

Find a quit date that works best for you:

  • Choose a date in the next few weeks. Quitting too soon may mean you’re not giving yourself enough time to prepare for your quit and a faraway quit date may lead you to abandoning or forgetting about your quit. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to get ready.
  • Avoid a day or timeframe when you expect to be more stressed or busier than usual. Big events, whether they are work-related or personal, can take a lot of time and focus away from a quit.
  • Pick an average day to quit. When you quit, you’ll need to learn how to deal without cigarettes in your everyday life. Quitting on a vacation or not while in your normal routine of things can make it more difficult to stay quit when you come back to “real life.”
  • Consider quitting on a Monday. Mondays are an extremely powerful tool for former smokers to use to quit and stay quit.

Once you’ve selected a quit date, here’s what you should do before you quit:

  • Mark the date on all your calendars. It’ll be a daily reminder to get ready before the big day!
  • Let people know that you’re quitting! Post it on social media or tell people you interact with often like colleagues and friends about your quit date.
  • Develop a quit plan and set it in motion. The plan should contain ways to build your social support, deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings, remove triggers, and more. Here’s more about what to include.
  • Talk to others who’ve quit. Getting quitting advice from others who’ve successfully quit can spark ideas for you.
  • Get your distractions ready. Will you handle triggers and cravings with sugarless gum or carrot sticks? Go out and buy them. Or if you want to take walks outside, highlight some nearby walking trails to explore.
  • Get your prescriptions or nicotine-replacement therapies in order. If you plan to use medically-approved treatments to help with withdrawal, make sure you have them ready for day 1 of your quit. You can also try getting free or reduced-cost medications through your health insurance, local health department, or state quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW).
  • Do your best to keep your quit date. If you need to change it, then set a new date right away.
  • Plan ahead to celebrate being a non-smoker! Set quit date anniversaries where you can reward yourself for your hard work and dedication to quitting.

Setting and preparing yourself for a quit date will get your smokefree life off on the right foot!

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