Plan Your Week

Take 10 – 15 minutes of your day on Monday to plan for your week ahead. Use the quit smoking tips list below to help you write your own plan and then check items off once they’re complete.

  • Find a Quit Buddy

Ask a friend or fellow quitter to be your support person. Once you have your Quit Buddy, plan to meet up with them this week. If you cannot find time to meet, check in with them by phone, text, or email.

  • Pinpoint what feelings make you want to smoke

Think about the reasons you smoke. Do you smoke to relieve stress? Do you smoke when you’re bored? Write the reasons down. At the beginning of each week, come up with what you will do instead of smoking.

For example, if you smoke when you’re stressed, come up with alternatives such as deep breathing, listening to a guided meditation, or calling your Quit Buddy to vent. For more help with stress management, visit our DeStress Monday page.

If you smoke when you’re bored, download a new distracting phone game to try, or take a quick walk outside. Think of other ways you plan to keep yourself distracted from smoking.

  • Get rid of triggers

Do you still have things around that make you think of smoking? These are triggers. Get rid of them. Do you have ashtrays on your windowsill? Lighters in your car? Get rid of anything that will remind you of smoking.

  • Communicate ahead of time

Talk with your friends and loved ones so that they understand your reasons for quitting. Ask them to be patient with you and to help you stick to your goal. Request that friends who smoke not to light up around you. For those who support you, plan a small way to thank them for their support.

  • Make smoke-free plans

Instead of just avoiding social engagements because there might be smoking there, make plans with friends in places where you won’t be tempted to smoke.  Arrange a night out at the movies or have people over for dinner.

  • Plan something to reward yourself

Come up with some free or inexpensive ways to reward yourself. Have this to look forward to if you stay quit by next Monday.