Plan to Beat Smoking Cravings

Plan to Beat Smoking Cravings

Throughout your journey toward a smoke-free life, you will undoubtedly encounter some tough cravings. Beat those smoking cravings to the punch and create a plan of action for how you will overcome them.

On Monday, start by taking a few minutes to think about your plans for the rest of the week.

Do you foresee activities that will make you tempted to smoke? Write down some ways to avoid those activities altogether or have a plan of action for what you’ll do in the moment to distract yourself from the cigarette craving.

How will you quiet your mind? Consider deep breathing or reflecting on the reasons you quit smoking in the first place.

What will you do to occupy your hands? Try downloading a new game for your phone.

Who will you call for support? Put a supportive friend on speed dial.

Need more ideas? Check out our strategies to beat cravings.

“People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that the can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.” – Norman Vincent Peale

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