This Monday, Make a Date with Physical Activity

This Monday, Make a Date with Physical Activity

Get moving on Monday! To power up against cravings, schedule exercise sessions into your quit plan. Find your workout clothes and let’s go!

Exercise and nicotine cravings don’t mix. 20 minutes of exercise, five days a week naturally boosts endorphins, enhances mental well-being, and keeps the weight off. When you make your quit plan, carve out time for exercise to combat cravings by making appointments for a healthier, stronger, and smoke-free you.

4 Ways to Schedule Your 20 Minutes a Day!

Walk a Monday Mile!  20 minutes is enough time to walk a mile. Map out a one-mile route, throw on some shoes, and do some brisk walking. Walking is great for all fitness levels and ages. A Monday Mile is also an easy goal to achieve if you’re just getting started with a fitness routine.

Join a Team. Playing team sports is both fun and energizing. Join a team for a whole season or find pick-up games that work for your schedule. Check-in at a community recreational center or on mobile apps and websites like: or There could be many options in your neighborhood for basketball, volleyball, kickball, and more.

Exercise with some Deskercise! Take a few minutes between tasks to strengthen, tone, and distract yourself. Do a glute stretch in your chair, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or try some office squats. When you get moving, you literally feel better.

Relax and Renew with Yoga. The ancient art of stretching has been known to relax your mind while it loosens your body – perfect for ex-smokers like you! Do some standing yoga, chair yoga, or bed yoga. Yoga is for all body types and fitness levels.

Sit down with your calendar this Monday and make time for fitness. The reason? If you have it in your calendar, you’re more likely to be mentally prepared and show up. Distract yourself from cravings with healthier choices. Find us on Facebook, TwitterPinterest, or Instagram.

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