Protect Your Precious Buddies

Protect Your Precious Buddies

Quit smoking for your pets!

Your pets are your best buds, your children, your all in all. But when you’re a smoker, what happens when you go to work every day and leave them behind? Well you leave your pets in a house full of carcinogens. Secondhand smoke is said to be as deadly to animals as it is to humans. Thirdhand smoke, the residue in a smoker’s environment that remains on furniture, rugs, curtains, fabric lampshades, clothing, human skin, animal fur, and other surfaces, is also hazardous to pets. The toxins even spill over into the front and backyard — anywhere you might go for a smoke.

Here are some of reasons why pets are so vulnerable to the toxic effects of smoking:   

  • Cats. When they groom themselves, they lick up toxic substances that have accumulated on their fur. As a result, the mucous membranes inside their mouth are exposed to cancer-causing carcinogens, making them more prone to cancers of the mouth and lymph nodes.
  • Dogs. When they sniff air (and every object in sight) with lingering smoke, their nasal cavities and lungs become more vulnerable to cancer. The more cigarettes the smoker smokes, the higher the dog’s risk of cancer.
  • Birds. Each time they breathe, they inhale pollutants from secondhand smoke into their tiny lungs, making them at risk for lung cancer and pneumonia.
  • Rabbits. They may find their energetic hopping slowing down because secondhand smoke causes them heart problems.
  • Any pet. As they roam freely in your home, they are surely looking for something to nibble on. How would they know that cigarette butts or discarded nicotine patches are highly toxic when ingested?

So, if you really love them, there’s really no choice but to quit smoking for your pets, right? In fact, a 2008 study in Tobacco Control reported that one out of three pet-owning smokers surveyed said that knowing about the dangers of secondhand smoke to their pets would motivate them to try to quit.

So, the sooner you quit, the sooner your pets will appreciate it. At the very least, ban smoking in your home and yard. Even before you quit, consider cleaning your home thoroughly on a regular basis — ashtrays, drapes, floors, beddings, etc. And don’t forget your pet’s special hangouts, cushions, food bowls, toys, etc. Once you quit completely and rid your home of toxins, you’ll be grateful you did something wonderful for the creatures that bring you so much happiness on a daily basis.

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