Managing Mood Swings to Stay Quit

Managing Mood Swings to Stay Quit

Mood swings are important to keep in check to successfully quit smoking!

Have you experienced an emotional roller coaster while trying to quit smoking? Don’t fret – it’s quite common to experience mood swings while attempting to quit the habit.

Typically, smokers will experience mood swings of different types, including frustration, sadness, anger or irritation. The easiest thing to do is to seek out something that comforts, which for a lot of smokers means having a cigarette. To ensure you stay on track, it’s important to recognize that there are other ways to deal with your emotions.

Having a list of things you can choose to do instead of smoking can be the determining factor between success and failure.

Every time you’re hit with strong emotions, consider trying some of these methods to cope:

Distract yourself. Dig into our list of distractions to find something that will keep your mind off of your emotions for a few minutes. Remember to have them ready wherever you go, as mood swings can hit at any time!

Call a friend or loved one. Talking to someone you trust for a few minutes can lift your mood and keep your mind focused on something positive. Engage in conversation that brings about positive emotions, such as your latest achievement or exciting, future plans.

Go for a power walk! Did you know that exercise can improve your mood in just 5 minutes? It doesn’t have to be anything incredibly difficult either; a brisk walk will do! Give it a try next time you’re experiencing mood swings.

Ignore negative thoughts. Why think about something negative when you don’t have to? Every time the negative thoughts get to you, try to write down 3 things you’re happy about.

Make yourself laugh. Do you have a favorite comedy show or stand-up skit? Put it on next time you’re experiencing strong, negative emotions!

Write it down. What’s getting to you? Let it out by writing it down on paper. Read over it a few times and ask yourself if it’s worth getting upset about.

Take a time-out. Get into a comfortable, seated position and simply breathe for a few minutes. Pay attention to the way the air travels through your body and let it relax you.

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