Forget New Year’s: Be a Monday Quitter!

Forget New Year’s: Be a Monday Quitter!

Become a Monday Quitter and use the power of Mondays to help you kick the smoking habit for good.

If you’re someone who is planning to quit smoking in the upcoming New Year, whether it’s your first time or fifth attempt, try quitting on a Monday!

An online poll of almost 7,000 people on The National Cancer Institute’s website,, found that 53% of respondents indicated Monday was the best day to quit smoking.** Why? Because when Monday rolls around each week, you can use that weekly synchronization to help you stay on track with your smoking cessation. Here’s how:

  • You may be more successful in staying quit if you’re a Monday Quitter. A pilot study at the Mississippi Quitline has shown that those who quit on a Monday had higher quit rates three months post-intervention than non-Monday quitters.**
  • The new week can signal a fresh start; a chance to hit the reset button and start over. That’s why more than half of people in an FGI survey view Monday as the perfect opportunity to take on a healthy habit.**
  • Mondays can function as a weekly reminder to check-in with your quitting-smoking journey. Set aside a designated time to plan out your week. Think ahead about what triggers you might encounter, ways to distract yourself from cigarette cravings, etc.
  • With 52 Mondays in a year, you don’t have to wait until next year or a special occasion to quit again if you slip up. The day is a valuable tool for a Monday Quitter as quitting smoking often takes 7-10 attempts to successfully accomplish.
  • Monday can be a time for you to reflect back on your previous week. How has your quit gone so far? What would you do differently for the next week? Here are some more questions to reflect upon.
  • It’s a great time to check-in with a supportive friend, quit buddy, or cessation counselor about your progress. Talk about how things are going, the successes and challenges, and your next smokefree goal or milestone.
  • Mondays are a great time to celebrate your success! Are you another week free from tobacco? Use Monday as the day to reward yourself for how far you’ve come. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate.
  • There are many available resources that go out for each Monday Quitter. Sign up for our weekly newsletter that includes new information and tips to help you quit and stay quit. You can also join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook and connect with a community of quitters. Ask for advice or share your own!

And with Monday as the most popular day for people to quit smoking and seek help doing it,** why not quit when others are doing it too? You’ll be in good company with the Monday Quitter community.

**Visit our research page to learn more about the evidence behind Mondays.

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