New Monday Quit Kit

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Events like New Year’s only come around once a year, but what happens after that? To help people stay on track, Quit & Stay Quit Monday, an initiative of The Monday Campaigns and the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at Johns Hopkins University introduces the new “Monday Quit Kit”!

With individuals and tobacco cessation professionals in mind, we developed a free kit that can help quitters stay on track over the long haul. The idea is for quitters to use every Monday after New Year’s to recommit to their quit, celebrate progress, and quit again if they relapse.

See our press release about the new Monday Quit Kit.

For Professionals

Check out our new program enhancement guide and free resources designed to help organizations understand the Monday approach and take advantage of Mondays in smoking cessation programs.

For Individuals

Watch our video that explains why you or someone you love should use Mondays to quit smoking! Scroll down for more information about the Monday Approach.

The Monday Approach

Commit to Quit on Monday. This could be in a couple weeks to give you time to prepare. Monday is a great time to quit because it would be the start of your first smoke-free week. It also gives you 52 chances to quit, every year. If you slip up, you can start over and try again the next Monday.

Make a Quit Plan. Once you choose a Monday quit date, make a plan to prepare yourself for the big day. Think about what triggers you to smoke and ways to distract yourself from cravings. Remember, you can always adjust your plan and set new goals each Monday to start your week.

Connect with Others. Call or connect with a friend, family member or tobacco cessation professional every Monday. They can help you stay on track and start each week motivated. If someone close to you also wants to quit smoking, become each other’s quit buddy!  Use Mondays to connect and confide in one another.

Monday Check-In Activity. Every Monday is a great opportunity to reflect on your progress from the prior week. See what’s working for you and where you may be struggling. We have a check-in tool to help! If you’re struggling in an area, think about new ways to approach your challenge and set a goal around it as you start your new week.

Celebrate Progress. Every step counts, so use Mondays as a chance to celebrate what’s going well! Reward yourself with something simple. A calming bath, your favorite healthy meal, you name it! Having rewards, even for the small victories, can help you stay committed to your quit journey.

Try Again Next Monday. If you had a slip up, we promise you’re not alone! Don’t give up. Try quitting again the next Monday. Think about what made you slip up and try a new strategy to address it. Keep repeating this process until you’re finally smoke-free.

Additional Support and The Monday Approach

You can also use the Monday approach with tobacco cessation programs and professionals. See what resources you have access to and try connecting with that resource every Monday to start your week. Below are available services you can use that are provided by state and national groups.

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Your State Quitline

Every state provides a quitline for smokers who want additional support to quit, and it’s free! Call 1-800-QUITNOW (1-800-784-8669) to get connected to your state’s quitline and get access to state support and resources.


National Resources and Programs