This Monday, Light Up the Party, Not a Cigarette

This Monday, Light Up the Party, Not a Cigarette

Quitting cigarettes is hard. Doubly so in a social setting. It can be a major challenge when you’re invited to a gathering or an event. A party is rife with smoking triggers like chatting with friends, drinking alcohol and being around people who are smoking.

If you are in the process of giving up smoking, it’s best to “hack” the party to avoid temptation. Next time a group is planning a get-together, suggest it be held in a smoke-free location. This not only helps you stay true to your quit, but also aids other group members trying to become smoke free. Another benefit to a smoke-free locale is that it doesn’t subject anyone in the group to second-hand smoke.

There are countless public places that do not allow smoking such as parks, malls, museums, theaters, restaurants and even many bars. Think of these places as safe havens for anyone in the process of quitting. It’s much easier to resist the urge to light up when you’re in a setting where it isn’t allowed.

If you do find yourself in a place where smoking is allowed, be prepared. Carry distractions like straws, healthy snacks, bottled water, gum or sugar-free candies.

Make it a regular habit to take deep breaths whenever a social trigger feels like it could be around the corner. It could make all the difference. Inhale slowly, to the count of six, exhale slowly to the count of six. Feel all that clean, fresh air replace your urge to smoke.

The best way to stay strong when the going gets tough is to remember: You’re part of the Monday Quitters Movement. You’re not going it alone. When you quit, re-quit or recommit to your quit on Monday, you’re joining a whole community of quitters like you. We’d love to hear from you about social triggers and how you avoid them, tell us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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