Mind Over Matter This Monday

Mind Over Matter This Monday

There are several ways to get yourself closer to your goal to quit smoking. No matter where you are in your journey – Day One, Day Two, a week in or more – it’s important to continue to motivate yourself to keep moving forward.. Sometimes powering through in beast mode gets exhausting and you need to find another way to get through your day smoke-free. This Monday, use your head – put mind over matter and get your brain into gear!

One thing is certain when it comes to quitting smoking: different methods work for different people. If you need something more thoughtful to fend off cravings, try some mental exercises to help you change the way you think. If it helps you, keep a pen and paper handy to write down a list that you can refer to when necessary.

Clear your head. Start this Monday fresh. Take a moment to give your mind a clean slate with some deep breathing. Imagine that you’re letting go of anything that may be affecting your mood in a way that makes you crave a cigarette. Then get ready to kick into high gear.

Redefine your mission. All this time, you’ve been trying to quit, to give something up, to let something go. Try flipping the script – think about how taking time away from smoke breaks gives you more time to concentrate on things you love. The money you used to spend on cigarettes can go toward movies or nice meals. You’re making your health a priority. Make a note of all the things you’re gaining rather than giving up.

Change the way you address cravings. Cravings are your body’s physical response to nicotine withdrawal. While they are normal, they have the potential to be difficult to deal with. A nicotine craving may also feel like it’s overtaking you – unless you approach it differently. Instead of giving your craving the power, make yourself the monster. Think of the craving as a weak, little pest that you can chase away. Remind yourself that this is something you can handle. You have tools. You have willpower. Repeat this mantra: Cravings are nothing to me. I can beat them.

When you see someone else light up, keep moving. Seeing other people smoke while you’re trying to quit may be a trigger to get you to light up. Instead, remind yourself of the new path you’re forging. You are taking action to make you healthier and stronger, both physically and mentally. Maintain your tunnel vision and keep progressing towards your goal to quit.

When quitting gets tough this Monday, get tougher! When next Monday comes around, refer to your list and recommit to quitting smoking. Keep tapping into your mental strength to stay quit.

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