Manage Stress to Stay Quit

Manage Stress to Stay Quit

Quitting smoking can be uncomfortable and frustrating. The key is to manage stress!

While we usually can’t change stressful circumstances that arise, we can change how we respond and react to them. Rather than reaching for a cigarette for what seems like a quick fix, why not try some of these tips to relax and manage stress instead?

Remove yourself. Staring at the computer all day at work? Take ten minutes to step outside and immerse yourself in a different setting. Try taking a quick walk around the block or sitting on a bench nearby. If you can, leave the electronics behind for a bit. Spending just a little time disconnected and outdoors when you’ve been cooped up all day can make a world of difference.

Get physical. Whether you’ve got one minute or one hour, exercise is an excellent way to get the endorphins going and reframe your mindset. Can’t run to the gym in the middle of the work day? Try a quick Nano Workout to get your heart rate up. If the gym’s not your thing, maybe explore a different form of exercise; how about yoga?

Take up a hobby. Finding something new to get lost in can keep your mind occupied in a good way. Don’t have time or money to invest in something new? Sometimes activities as simple as cooking or coloring can relax you and keep your mind at bay for a while.

Sleep well. A major cause of stress can be lack of sleep. It’s important to make sure that you’re not only getting the right amount of sleep, but the right type of sleep. Make sure you have a relaxing routine before you hit the sheets in order to get the best night’s sleep possible. Try one of these 32 solutions for when you’re having trouble falling asleep.

Socialize. Spending time with friends and family can take your mind off stress and give you a sense of community and belonging. Next time the stress kicks in, try calling up a friend and see if they want to hang out.

Breathe. When all else fails, breathe. Simply returning back to your breath can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety that may seem overpowering. Next time you start to feel overwhelmed by your circumstances, just remember – breathe in, breathe out. Try these breathing tips to calm your nerves.

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