Give Thanks and Enjoy Holiday Cooking

Give Thanks and Enjoy Holiday Cooking

Quitting improves your sense of smell, so this season feast your nose on holiday cooking!

It’s that time of the year to show gratitude and eat a lot of food, making it a wonderful time for former smokers to celebrate their quit in many ways. With Thanksgiving only a few days away, make sure to celebrate by thanking all the people who supported you through your quit. Their care, advice, even distractions, may have been the reason you stayed quit by helping you to deal with those nasty cravings, mood swings from withdrawal symptoms, and pesky nicotine triggers. So let them know this holiday season that you appreciate them!

Also, give thanks to yourself. Quitting smoking is not easy and requires a lot of strength and willpower to kick the habit for good. Go you for making a big change in your life for the better!

Know what else will help you celebrate your quit? Your nose! Smoking damages nerves responsible for your sense of smell and taste, making it difficult for you to enjoy foods and flavors (though that may be useful if you’re stuck having to try your aunt-who-never-cook’s homemade fruitcake). While in some instances the damage is permanent, those nerves typically regrow soon after you quit smoking, allowing your sense of smell and taste to improve just in time for Thanksgiving feasts and holiday cooking.

To help you celebrate your quit and regained sense of smell, here are 10 delectable vegetable dishes that are perfect to include in your Thanksgiving meal. These recipes were curated by Meatless Monday and its bloggers to celebrate everything festive and flavorful about the season. That includes fresh and in season veggies like root vegetables and squash. So delight the senses and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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