Heart Health and Smoking

Heart Health and Smoking

Have a heart to heart with smoking and end it.

Even with Valentine’s Day over, matters of the heart should still be on every smoker’s mind. Why? Because smoking not only damages lungs, the heart suffers a great deal too (as well as the body in general). So break up with smoking and you will be much better off.

Here are some smoking facts to motivate you to quit:

  • Smoking is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Smokers are several times more likely to suffer from CVD than non-smokers, and this risk increases even more for people who also have unhealthy cholesterol levels or high blood pressure, or are overweight/obese, diabetic, or on birth control. CVD can lead to stroke, heart attacks, chest pain, and other things that you just don’t want to deal with.
  • Smoking inhibits your body from working properly. That’s because it restricts the flow of oxygen through your body, hardens plaque in your arteries, produces adrenaline so that it makes your heart work harder, and makes it more likely for your blood to clot. Even light smoking is still hurtful.
  • Quitting smoking can reverse the damage to your body caused by cigarettes. Within hours of quitting you’ll start to experience all sorts of benefits, and over time you’ll reduce your risk of smoking-related illnesses.
  • Don’t just quit smoking, avoid secondhand smoke too! Secondhand smoke is very harmful to a person’s health because it still contains many of dangerous chemicals. Prolong exposure to it can lead to an increased risk of heart and respiratory conditions in both adults and children.

February is also American Heart Month, giving you another reason to commit to a healthy lifestyle by going smokefree. Start by joining our Facebook community and making your pledge to quit and stay quit!

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