This Monday, Give Yourself the Gift of Quitting

This Monday, Give Yourself the Gift of Quitting

You may be spending a lot of the holiday season thinking about gifts for other people. It is, after all, the season for giving. Consider giving a gift to yourself by quitting smoking. This new step towards a healthier lifestyle is like getting several gifts, like a few more years of life and more money in your wallet. This Monday, be generous to yourself and quit smoking, and stay quit.

By quitting smoking, you really are giving yourself some great gifts. Here are just a few:

Better health, starting almost immediately. Within days of quitting smoking, your body starts healing itself. Your blood circulation improves, your senses of smell and taste get better, and your lungs begin healing themselves. And that’s just the short-term! In the long run, your risk for heart disease and stroke drop and your lung capacity will grow. This means that if you quit this Monday, you’ll have better health by the end of the week!

You’ll save money and gain some free time. Have you ever figured out how much cigarettes cost? When you stop smoking, you’ll start saving. All the money you would have spent on packs is yours to keep! In addition to saving money, you’re also going to get some of your valuable time back. Spend your breaks taking a walk or reading a book. Use that time for something healthy and fun! When you check in with your quit plan next Monday, make a note of how much extra money you have – you can even reward yourself with it and take yourself out to lunch!

Your immune system will thank you during flu season. No one is immune from the flu, but non-smokers have a better chance of fighting it off with their stronger immune systems. Once you quit smoking, your immune system starts to rebuild itself and regain the strength to heal your body. You can even give your body a boost by eating foods rich in vitamin C and adding exercise to your daily routine.

The biggest gift you’re giving yourself, however, is your freedom from nicotine. It will also be easier to stay quit after changing the daily behaviors that were once anchored around smoking. No matter where you are in your path to quitting, take a moment this Monday to remember that you’re giving something great to yourself: a smoke-free life.

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