Fresh Foods For Your Quit

Fresh Foods For Your Quit

When you quit smoking, you may wonder how to keep a healthy weight. When you quit, it will help to have plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables on hand. When you plan your quit for Monday, Sunday is the perfect night to stock up on healthy snacks for the week.

Peeling an orange or banana is a great fidget, when you feel a craving and want something to do with your hands. And, these fruits are a tasty, healthy snack.

Carrot and celery sticks offer a satisfying crunch. These stick shaped snacks can substitute your old oral fix.

Try new fruits and vegetables. Explore the produce aisle, or the Farmer’s Market. Some vegetables to try and eat raw include: jicama sticks, cucumber slices, or sugar snap peas.

Now you’re ready to quit Monday with fun snacks for the entire week!

Want more recipes and ideas for lots of fruits and veggies to help you through your quit? Check out our sister campaign Meatless Monday!

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