For Smoking Cessation Programs


Quit and Stay Quit Monday (QSQM) offers free evidence-based resources for tobacco cessation professionals to supplement existing programs or use as a stand-alone tool for smokers. The concept is simple: Encourage smokers to quit on Monday, then use every Monday thereafter to recommit to their quit, celebrate progress and quit again if they relapse.

Quit & Stay Quit Monday Tools

The materials below provide all the elements needed to leverage QSQM in your program – an introductory video and handout, a Monday Check-in tool and weekly graphic tips to engage people every week.  All materials are vetted by The Institute for Global Tobacco Control at Johns Hopkins University and based on their research on the Monday “fresh start” mindset and weekly patterns in tobacco cessation behavior.

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Quit & Stay Quit Monday Program Enhancement Guide

This guide is designed to help organizations and health professionals understand the Quit and Stay Quit Monday approach, how to leverage Mondays in smoking cessation programs, and measure for success.

Quit & Stay Quit Monday Introductory Video

This video offers a practical explanation of the Monday concept that can be shared with program participants or individual smokers.

Quit & Stay Quit Monday Overview

This document explains the Monday concept and how to leverage the weekly cue using our Monday Quit Check-In. We recommend using this resource in your program or distributing it individually for smokers to take with them and have as a reference.

Monday Quitter Infographic

This is a simple visual infographic that explains the Monday concept to quit smoking. This resource can be printed as a poster or shared online.

Monday Quit Check-In

This worksheet helps smokers check-in on their progress, plan for the week ahead and recommit to quitting if they relapse. We recommend using this resource every Monday once smokers have quit, either within your program or for individuals to use on their own.

Weekly Tip Graphics

These are a collection of graphics that leverage Mondays to use widely accepted practices to quit smoking. These can be used as a visual tool to share with audiences every Monday to promote quitting smoking.