Get the Details on Monday about Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Get the Details on Monday about Nicotine Replacement Therapy

You have many options available to you to quit and stay quit. This Monday, consider including nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) in your plan. You’ve done the hard part by making a commitment to stop smoking. This might offer a helping hand.

Many former and successful quitters have found NRT works to address physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms. These drugs could become an essential part of your quit and stay quit strategy.

Learn more by speaking with your pharmacist or doctor about including NRT in your plan. When you’re informed, you’ll make better choices.

To choose the right NRT therapy, it will be important to define your nicotine dependence levels to determine your dose:

  • Light smoker: Smokes fewer than 10 cigarettes per day
  • Heavy smoker: Smokes a pack a day or more
  • An average smoker falls in between.

Then, you should confirm with a health professional which delivery method works best for you:

  • Patch – nicotine is delivered through the skin
  • Gum – nicotine released by chewing gum
  • Nasal spray – nicotine is released through the nose
  • Inhalers – nicotine is delivered in an inhaler mouthpiece
  • Lozenges – nicotine is slowly released in a lozenge

Although NRT has proven to be successful, it can’t replace the psychological or emotional support you’ll need to successfully leave cigarettes behind. Make sure to include everything in your personalized plan to quit.

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