Exercise Can Be a Powerful Distraction

Exercise Can Be a Powerful Distraction

Exercise can be a powerful and effective way to deal with smoking cravings, distract yourself, and help you stay smokefree. According to an article in Everyday Health, smoking withdrawal symptoms and cigarette cravings decline during exercise and stay gone for an average 50 minutes afterward.

Go for a short walk when a craving hits. Walking is low intensity and can be done by people of most fitness levels. Take a moment for yourself and get some fresh air if you can.

Schedule regular times in your day and week for exercise. Choosing an activity you enjoy (like something you did as a kid) can help you stick to the plan.

Use your desk as a gym. Check out our sister campaign, Move It Monday, for some great deskercise ideas.

Remember that all activity counts. You don’t have to join a gym or be in one to get exercise. Gardening, chores, playing with kids, taking the dog for a walk…..it’s all moving your body.

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