Declare Your Independence From Tobacco

Declare Your Independence From Tobacco

Summer is here and the sunny, sultry weather means a lot of time spent outdoors. It’s a very tempting time to light up a cigarette, but this Independence Day, fight the urge to smoke. Quit smoking this Monday and mark new victories every week!

If you’re a smoker trying to quit, it may feel like you’re breaking up with a close friend. In essence, you are ending a relationship – a toxic one. While it will be hard to break free from cigarettes, it is possible to do it gradually. You can help yourself by setting weekly goals with every Monday serving as a deadline. Here are a few ways to start declaring your independence from tobacco:

Create a battle plan. One thing you’ll definitely want to do once you give up cigarettes is occupy your hands. Pick up a pen and write down your quit plan. Start on a Monday, then use track your progress every Monday following. Don’t worry – you don’t have to win the war by next Monday, you just need to start the battle!

Prepare your defense. You won’t have cigarettes anymore, so how will you fill that void? Jot down a few ideas to distract yourself when you crave smoking or used the time for smoking. Spend your smoke breaks taking a walk or have a healthy snack – do things that make you feel good.

Enlist a fellow soldier. Even though you’re celebrating your independence from smoking, you don’t have to quit alone. Asking a friend to lend their support, especially someone who is also trying to quit, can be a big help to keep you accountable. Counselors are also available to help you at 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

Reward yourself for victory! Give yourself something to celebrate when you hit the one-week mark next Monday! Making it through a week is not easy and you deserve a small prize for your efforts. As even more incentive to stay quit, add up the money you saved by not buying cigarettes and use that money to treat yourself to an activity you enjoy, like a movie or a play.

This July 4th, don’t just celebrate Independence Day – celebrate your independence from smoking!

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