Deadline: Monday

Deadline: Monday

After a month of getting your plan to quit smoking in order, your Quit Day has finally arrived. This Monday is the day you walk out the door without your cigarettes and become a former smoker. Armed with your plan and willpower, you can crush your quit today. Here are a few tips to keep your day smoke-free:

Change your routine. When you were putting together your quit plan, you made sure that you made new plans for your smoke breaks. If you’re on the go, pop a piece of gum or sip a bottle of water. Listen to music to distract yourself. Throughout the day, remember the activities you lined up to replace your smoke breaks – taking a walk, calling a friend, anything that gets you moving.

Work through cravings. The first thing to remind yourself about cravings is that they only last about 10 minutes. Although nicotine cravings are a normal and frustrating part of quitting smoking, you can ride them out.  The second thing to remember is that you have plenty of things you can be doing instead of smoking – eat a healthy snack, have a cup of tea or coffee, squeeze a stress ball, or meditate for a few minutes. If it’s a particularly rough craving, you can call 1-800-QUIT-NOW and speak to a live counselor who can talk you through it.

Take it one day at a time. Your goal for Quit Day – don’t smoke for one day. For today, don’t worry about the long term or dwell on the possible obstacles ahead. You will meet these challenges as they arise. Take some deep breaths to ease tension and anxiety. That said…

Recommit yourself every Monday. Every Monday is a chance to re-up your commitment to quit smoking. Use the first day of every week to start a new phase of your plan to quit, no matter where you are in your quitting journey.

With willpower and support, you can start this Monday and crush your quit plan.

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